Addicted to arcade videos

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You know you have a problem when your procrastination has found a totally new level of stupidity. You are leaving away for over a week tomorrow morning but haven’t even packed yet because you’re stuck watching coin pusher and claw machine videos from the internet. Why the heck coin pusher and claw machines of all […] via Low point in my life — My Lost Side Blog

I can’t skip a day

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Hello everyone! I didn’t know what to write today. I’m sleeping on my friend’s floor, the day is almost changing and I have promised to blog every day. It’s easy to write posts when you have one specific subject but this blog is something different. “Write about anything that’s on your mind.” So I was thinking […] via I can’t skip a day… — My Lost Side Blog

Review: We Were Liars

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We Were Liars by E. Lockhart Everyone lies… But what are the lies and what is the truth in this book? You can’t know before reading until the end! We Were Liars is a story about family, love and of course lies. If something seems too perfect to be true, it’s probably one big lie. […] via We Were Liars: Is this review a lie? — Reviews from Idiot

Motivation & daily blogging

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Hello everyone! My first week of daily blogging is over and it has been amazing. Like truly amazing. Before starting I was thinking that writing daily to my blogs would be one big nightmare. I was expecting it to be super hard, almost impossible and me to miss days right away. That didn’t happen. For […] via Finding that blogging motivation — My Lost Side Blog

5 books I will read in 2018

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Hello and welcome to my book, movie, review, whatever blog for the second post I am writing. Because the idea is to write twice a week (every Monday and Saturday), there is no way I will find something to review for every week. That’s why in addition to normal reviews I will write other articles talking […] via 5 books I will read in 2018 — Reviews from Idiot

I am a writer!

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I am a writer! You have to say it out loud, write it every day, tell it to strangers in a bus and for your family who keeps judging you constantly. You have to shout it out loud in the middle of the night even if it means waking up the innocent neighbors. Every morning right […] via I am writer! — Lost Writer Viivi

Who is Lost Viivi?

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This is questions I ask myself too often and some of you may be wondering so let’s make a post of me introducing myself (even if I may be one of the most boring people in the whole wide world…) Feel free to ask any questions at any time in the comments and I will try […] via Who is Lost Viivi? — My Lost Side Blog

Mission Impossible: Daily Blogging

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The year 2018 has started and I’m ready to fail in my impossible mission for a lazy person like me. Yesterday was the first day of my daily blogging for one year challenge. I have shared this with a few friends and Twitter. Most people have wished me good luck, others called me crazy. My […] via Mission Impossible: Daily Blogging — My Lost Side Blog

My first book review!

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Review: Zoe Sugg (Zoella) – Girl Online I loved many things about the job I did last summer but one of the best sides was that I had more than enough time to read books, books, and little more books. The first one I read that summer was Zoe Sugg’s Girl Online. I have to […] via Girl Online: Every Blogger’s Dream — Reviews from Idiot