Problems with studying and parents…

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Dear diary (and the people on internet),

it has been busy week for me once again. Last week was the last one in my forever favorite summer job. I am already missing that place, the people and reading books for the most of my work days. Summer ending means also autumn starting and with autumn will come this odd season when I have no idea what I am doing.

Earlier this summer I found out that you can study creative writing in Finnish university. The problem? You have to study it in open university and after you have passed all the courses you can apply to real university where you finish your degree. It will be expensive. I can’t get student support like normal people in Finland. My future profession is still a big mystery. Being writer in Finland isn’t that easy.

Funny thing is that at work people often ask me what I study. At first I was shy about it. I thought that I would get negative response from people, especially from the older ones. Surprisingly everyone was totally positive and excited. I mean these people don’t even know me and they were all telling me that it sounded amazing choice that would work out eventually. I even got successions for jobs I could do in the future.

Someone told me that his friend used to write poems but ended up writing song lyrics. Apparently me being totally tone deaf doesn’t matter. Another one told me that maybe I could write for teen magazines or for other magazines that want more creative content that journalist like texts. One person even joked that if I ever write book I have to include them as character.

Because all this good feedback I was caught off guard after I returned back to my mom’s place and met my father. I mean they have always been supportive whatever I decide to do but I have to earn it. For this once I didn’t want dubious minds telling me that there would be better way for me to walk. That’s probably because even I have no idea where I am currently walking.

I did something daring and decided to write blog post for them. In that post I explained what I felt and also told them that I will be traveling around the world during this autumn. Publishing that post was probably the scariest thing I have done during this summer. I had no idea how they would answer.

And then both of them decided that it was time to support my plans. I don’t know how this is going to go but at least for the last few days I have lived without the constant “Have you already started job searching?” and “Why don’t you back to business school?” talks. Now I just have to find the way I want to go and hope everything goes well…

And that was my week! Right now I am writing this and trying to plan my soon to be Rome and Venice trip. We will leave to Rome with my mum this Sunday when I have first attended to young adult fiction convention on Saturday. I am so excited for both of those things!

How was your week? Have you ever had problems like this with your parents?
With love,


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